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Technology Class

Summer Program

8 Week Session: June 12th - August 4th

Flexible programs & classes available for High School and Middle School Students.

Summer School Benefits for your Child

  • Summer school helps to  keep their brain engaged during the long break, creating & keeping a rhythm of life long learning

  • It helps students keep a schedule & to stay disciplined

  • Prevents them from having too much free time; too much free time can be harmful

  • Students can focus on elective or career courses they are interested in & excited about

  • Students can take core courses that they are not excited about and complete it quicker and in a more relaxed manner

  • Completing core classes early opens doors to more electives in their Jr. & Senior year for more CTE, career development, or dual enrollment college classes.  

Sample Course Availability

More Possibilities!

Contact our office to find out more about the program and course offerings.

Phone: (562) 204-6538


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