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Technology Class

Summer Program

8 Week Session: June 12th - August 4th

Flexible programs & classes available for High School and Middle School Students.

Summer School Benefits for your Child

  • Summer school helps to  keep their brain engaged during the long break, creating & keeping a rhythm of life long learning

  • It helps students keep a schedule & to stay disciplined

  • Prevents them from having too much free time; too much free time can be harmful

  • Students can focus on elective or career courses they are interested in & excited about

  • Students can take core courses that they are not excited about and complete it quicker and in a more relaxed manner

  • Completing core classes early opens doors to more electives in their Jr. & Senior year for more CTE, career development, or dual enrollment college classes.  

Sample Course Availability

Hybrid Spanish 1 Course

Face to face & online Spanish 1 class taught by one of our academic advisor


Available for high school & middle school students.

Personal Finance

High School Students

Start learning about financial literacy early.  Take a course on personal finance and how to start saving, making financial decisions, and budgeting.

Core Coursework

Get an early start or re-take a course

  • English

  • Math/Algebra/Geometry

  • History

  • Science


Keep your mind engaged taking fun courses that can turn into career pathways.

  • Art

  • Digital Design

  • Music

  • Photography

More Possibilities!

Contact our office to find out more about the program and course offerings.

Phone: (562) 204-6538


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