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LuTEC High School Celebrates Fiestas Patrias

Let's order in Spanish ?
We are ready for authentic food & experience

Eric's Lunch

We had an exciting day at LuTEC High School Norwalk. We had the honor of celebrating Mexican Independence Day as we closed out a unit on Hispanic Heritage for National Hispanic Heritage Month. Lunch at a local restaurant "Los Compadres"

Tony's Lunch

Tony & Eric at Lunch

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Darlene Puente
Darlene Puente
Sep 19, 2022

Our students had a blast practicing speaking Spanish by ordering their meals and immersing themselves in the culture at Los Compadres. The food" was really "Autentico" y "Delicioso" (authentic and delicious)! Viva Mexico & Happy Fiestas Patrias - 2023!

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