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Lutheran Technology, Education and Career High Schools

Imagine a High School that is ...

  • Student Centered: A school that focused on student-centered learning; a place where students choose the classes they want and take them in a schedule that works.

  • Technologically Rich: Not just the use of technology, but the application, programming, and leveraging for a better world. 

  • Educationally Relevant: University of California and NCAA approved core courses taught by high quality Christian educators.

Imagine a School that is ...

  • Career Ready: Real world training and partnerships with business and industry. A focus on high demand trade job training. 

  • Practical Experience: Clubs and activities that help you get the practice and experience you need.

  • Personalized: Small school environment designed for you.

  • Spiritually Deep: Practical theology, defending and sharing your faith, pastors, teachers, and Christian business leaders pouring into students' lives.

Our Purpose

  • LuTEC is a private school that has the cutting edge, technology based, Christian high school network, providing an individualized and flexible education to all learners, focusing on relevant knowledge and skills for work or advanced studies in preparation for a career and life in service to their communities.

Technology Pathway

Choose a wide variety of options in technology. Some of our class offerings include:

  • Graphic Design

  • Robotics

  • 3D Printing

  • Coding

  • Competitive Gaming

  • Cybersecurity

  • Google CTE

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Education Pathways

We work with every student and their families to choose the best academic path for their God-given goals. We offer a variety of options including

  • Advanced/ UC Path

  • State College Path

  • Career/Diploma Path

  • Early Graduation

  • Dual College Enrollment

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Opportunities abound in the Southern California area. Perhaps you are interested in cooking, restaurant management, hotels, or entertainment. We will guide you on a path of education and expose you to all kinds of applicable experiences 

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Benefits of attending LuTEC:

  1. Personalized instruction with Academic Learning Guides available to serve as mentor, coach, and tutor as needed.

  2. Within a structured class schedule, students can work at a pace that is comfortable for their needs. If they are struggling in a certain subject area or with a specific assignment, they can get the one-on one attention they need.  Core curriculum instructors have daily office hours.

  3. Students have autonomy and the ability to explore different classes and subjects that traditional schools cannot offer and have the opportunity to learn from professionals in the field and experienced instructors. Field trips, internships, and industry events present occasions to learn beyond the walls of the classroom.

  4. Students can complete classes on a flexible schedule, allowing for time to engage in extracurricular activities such as: community involvement/volunteer work, performing arts, sports, and even part-time jobs.

  5. LuTEC is much more affordable than the private schools in the area.  LINK

  6. The small setting at LuTEC allows students to be known and build meaningful relationships with both peers and academic learning guides.

  7. The LuTEC experience provides a solid foundation for career-readiness and gives students an advantage post-graduation.

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