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So many students struggle with the question of "what do you want to do when you grow up?"  At LuTEC High School, we are committed to help you understand how God has uniquely wired you, help you understand your joy / passion and expose you to all kinds of career opportunities.  Our goal is to help every student graduate with a strong understanding of who they are and how God wants to use them.

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Culinary / Hospitality

Opportunities abound in the Southern California area. Perhaps you interested in cooking, restaurant management, hotels or entertainment.  We will guide you on a path of education and expose you to all kinds of applicable experiences.

Business / Entrepreneurial

You like the idea of being in charge, leading a team or owning a company.  How do you get started?  What do you need to learn?  Put yourself on a path to follow your dreams and be prepared for when the opportunity arises.  Get the education and skill sets needed so you can say yes!

Engineers and Businesspeople


The industry is booming.  Housing demand is at an all time how - as is the cost of housing.  Government spending in infrastructure has never been higher.  Learn the skills needed to understand and participate in the construction industry.  Prepare for a career as you leave LuTEC and get the education you need to fast track a post college opportunity.

General Trades

Do you like working with your hands?  Maybe you enjoy working outdoors and feeling the sense of accomplishment through a physical activity.  Opportunities abound like never before.  While so many have been told the college route is the only way to go, general trade jobs have increased as has the compensation.  Learn how to be financially successful learning what you love to do without the time and expense of a four year college degree.

Mechanic Working on Motorcycle
Schedule a Tour of LuTEC

The best way to discover what makes LuTEC amazing is to see it firsthand. We provide engaging and interactive tours and look forward to meeting you!

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